Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

Hasta el momento en Panamá se han reactivado unos 119 mil contratos laborales tras la crisis generada por el COVID-19

After the last reactivation 7,000 have lost their jobs in Panama

The Vice Minister of Labor and Labor Development of Panama (Mitradel), Roger Tejada announced that to date some 119,000 contracts have been reactivated in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, however he also stressed that since the reactivation occurred in the country, there have been some 7,000 new job terminations.
"Today we register 41% of the total reactivations. We also within the measurements of the Labor Observatory and the Employment Directorate have established a projections return metric, we are facing 119,000 job reactivations, we must be between 120 to 122 thousand this month, to be then between 150 to 153 thousand by the end of March. Now we have registered after the suspension when the reactivation occurred, we have registered about 7,000 job terminations after the economic reactivation," Tejada said.

The vice minister also referred to bill 541 that the Mitradel raised to the National Assembly, noting that

- firstly it seeks to establish the rights of workers in the midst of the pandemic,
- secondly it normalizes the consistent calculations, and
- thirdly it would establish a return and a roadmap of that suspended worker and finally seeks to implement a new policy through the Unemployment Registry, which will accompany those unemployed people after the termination of the employment contract.

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