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Adjustments done in 15 schools of the 8-10 circuit to turn them into vaccination centers

Adjustments done in 15 schools of the 8-10 circuit to turn them into vaccination centers

The sector of Panama East is getting ready for the next day of vaccination against COVID-19 of those over 60 years old and with a view to this action, adjustments are being made in some 15 schools in this sector that will serve as centers to welcome people who will be immunized.
"Some 15 schools of the 8-10 circuit, which includes seven townships in the eastern sector of the Panama district, are intervened by crews from the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning (Miviot) and local authorities for their adaptation as centers for the vaccination process against COVID-19," the ministry said.

The director of the Miviot regional office , Marcial Flores, pointed out that among the first educational facilities attended is Luis N. Herazo, in the community of Cabra, in the town of Pacora, where the staff carries out conditioning work in classrooms, corridors , bathrooms, electrical repair, painting, construction of ramps and handrails, to facilitate mobility for people with disabilities. In some cases, tiles have been installed within the improvements undertaken.

- In this same district, tasks are carried out at the República de Honduras school.
- In the township of Las Garzas, the Presidente Valdez and Paso Blanco schools are also part of the adaptation process as immunization centers.
- In Pedregal, the Great Britain, Ascanio Villalaz and the Bilingual Cirilo J. Martínez educational centers are set up.
- In Las Mañanitas the Bilingual schools of the Netherlands of Holland and Ciudad Jardín Las Mañanitas are intervened.
- While in Tocumen the Emperatriz Taboada, Nuevo Belén and Ricardo J. Alfaro schools are served.
- In the district of December 24, work is carried out at the Jeptha B. Duncan and Francisco de Miranda schools in the Felipillo sector.
- In San Martín, in the school of the same name, the community council of the district with the support of Miviot staff works on the reconditioning of rooms for vaccination.

"In each school center there will be collaborators from the Liaison of the Miviot of Las Mañanitas, to support the vaccination day against COVID-19, which is being carried out by the National Government," Flores said.

It was added that all the schools selected as vaccination centers were previously inspected by personnel from the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Fund, the Government Innovation Authority, the Fire Department and the National Police.

On March 22, President Laurentino Cortizo pointed out that they estimated that in the 8-10 circuit the vaccination of those over 60 years of age will begin in the week of April 12.

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