Friday, May 07, 2021

Es un programa dirigido a los estudiantes inscritos en el 2020 y que no lograron vincularse o desertaron

Accelerated Learning Program will begin on March 1, it consists of doing two school years in one

As of March 1, the date on which the remote school year 2021 begins, the Ministry of Education's Accelerated Learning program will begin.
It is a program aimed at elementary, high school and middle school students, enrolled in the 2020 school year and who were unable to join or dropped out of the educational system.

The plan consists of doing two school years in one, divided into two cycles:

1. In the first cycle, students will carry out the recovery and approval process for the year 2020, for 22 weeks, from March 1 to May 14 and from May 17 to July 30.

2. In the second cycle, students will study their year corresponding to 2021, for 20 weeks, that is, from August 2 to October 8 and from October 11 to December 17.

The Ministry of Education explained that those students who will develop this strategy must do a diagnostic test at the beginning and end of each cycle, so that teachers can measure the level of learning.

The entity indicated that the "directors of each educational center will coordinate actions to request the provisional enrollment of those who participate in the corresponding Accelerated Learning program, according to the feeder schools of origin."

According to Meduca, a total of 9,129 students had no contact with their schools during the 2020 school year.

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