Thursday, May 19, 2022

A project proposes compulsory video surveillance systems in paid parking lots

A project proposes compulsory video surveillance systems in paid parking lots

Seeks that the information from the video surveillance systems is stored for a minimum period of 15 days.
A legislative initiative presented this Tuesday by Deputy Raúl Fernández before the Plenary of the National Assembly, seeks to make the implementation of video surveillance systems mandatory in squares with paid parking.

Fernández made reference to cases of theft or damage to vehicles of paid parking users.

"Parking lots that charge exaggerated amounts per minute, per hour, for us to be able to park our vehicle, and that is a problem, but there is an even more serious problem, and that is that if your vehicle suffers any damage or a theft within that park of parking lot, there is an immense sign that says 'We are not responsible'… we must contribute to the security of our country,” said Congressman Fernández.

The project also seeks that those responsible for the charge for the use of these parking lots store the information obtained through video surveillance systems for a minimum period of 15 days, "and be able to share it with the competent authority, call it Police, because if my Well, something happens to him in a private place, I want to know what happened so I can tell the insurance company to answer for that damage.”

He also proposed that the prices set for products or items include the real final cost, including taxes "so that that customer already knows how much he is going to pay and is budgeted at the time of making the purchase."

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