Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

A newly installed technical table will review the Drug Law

A newly installed technical table will review the Drug Law

The technical table for the review of Law 1 of Medications will establish next week the methodology for the Minsa, CSS and patients to make their contributions.
On August 5, the Labor, Health and Social Development Commission of the National Assembly (AN) installed a technical table to review Law 1 of 2001 on Medicines and Law 22 of 2006 on Public Procurement.

The Minister of Health, Luis Sucre explained that the installation of this technical table to review the Drug Law seeks to improve the bureaucratic part and maintain transparency.

Sucre said that to get drugs to patients it is necessary to evolve, so it is important to discuss and review again the Drug Law and the Public Procurement Law to facilitate that institutions have access to drugs.

For his part, Enrique Lau, director of the Social Security Fund, said that the revision of this law is expected to improve processes and eliminate conflicts of interest within the chain.

The National Assembly reported that starting next week the technical table will establish the methodology so that patient organizations, the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Fund (CSS) and deputies can send their contributions.

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