Tuesday, Aug 03, 2021

A man arrested linked to the 2-year-old girl's homicide in Colón

A man arrested linked to the 2-year-old girl's homicide in Colón

The event that occurred in Colón occurred when criminals, with firearms, intercepted the car where the minor's family was traveling.
A man was arrested on Monday afternoon for his involvement in the murder of a two-year-old girl in Puerto Lindo, in the province of Colón.

According to Commissioner Víctor Méndez, the capture took place in Costa Arriba de Colón. The detainee was carrying a firearm at the time of arrest.

The event was recorded when the minor's family returned to the capital city, where they reside, after enjoying a family afternoon at La Guaira beach located on the coast of Panama.

The vehicle was intercepted by the criminals with firearms and they made repeated detonations, resulting in three people injured. All were transferred to a hospital, where the death of the little girl was ruled.

The other two people were transferred to the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital.

Agents of the National Police and the National Aeronaval Service, together with officials of the Public Ministry, began investigations of this blood event, which brings the fatal victims of homicide in the province of Colón to 49, so far in 2021.

This occurs one day after a tour made by the Minister of Security of Panama in the province, where he announced that he would reinforce security in the area.

Oh ya 90 days ago
Just another example of why anyone with at least 2 working brain cells would avoid going to Colon. Told by a local years ago to aviod the area.. Then they build a port to unload tourists off the ships. After seeing that shit hole i can just guess what they tell their friends after they return home from the cruise


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