Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Tribunal de Guatemala reanuda audiencia a Luis Enrique Martinelli relacionada a proceso de extradición

A hearing held related to Luis Enrique Martinelli's extradition process

This Monday afternoon a hearing to publicize the reasons why the United States requests the extradition of Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, was held in Guatemala.
The Fifth Criminal Sentencing Court of Guatemala had started this procedure last Friday, March 5, however, it was rescheduled for today, in order to give Denis Cuesy, Luis Enrique Martinelli's lawyer, time to update on the performances.

During the proceedings on Tuesday, the lawyer César Calderón joined the defense team of Martinelli Linares, and filed an appeal for annulment against the Court, which was rejected.

The floor was then given to representatives of the Public Ministry, who proceeded to present a series of evidence and detailed that the US accusation against Luis Enrique Martinelli indicates that he had participated in the money laundering of alleged bribes obtained from the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

It is worth mentioning that on Friday, Cuesy had also presented two recusal incidents before the Court to suspend the proceedings, one alleging that the judges previously issued an opinion indicating that Luis Enrique has no immunity; and the other was based on the fact that the judges "do not guarantee the independence of the process"; However, both were rejected by the Fifth Court, which indicated that there is no conflict of interest in the case, and proceeded to process it so that the First Appeals Chamber decides whether or not said court can hear the case; and at the same time it indicated that while this is happening, the reasons for the extradition request and the evidence would be presented.

Luis Enrique and his brother Ricardo Martinelli Linares are currently being held in preventive detention in the Mariscal Zavala Military Base jail, after they were captured on Monday, July 6, 2020 at the La Aurora Airport in Guatemala, where they would take a flight supposedly destined for Panama; This is due to an extradition order issued by the United States, for its alleged participation in a massive bribery scheme and money laundering of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht .

As detailed by the Department of Justice, both are singled out for participating as intermediaries for the payment of $28 million in bribes to a high-ranking official of the Government of Panama, who has a link with both defendants.

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