Friday, Mar 05, 2021

El detenido es la pareja de la abuela materna de la víctima, quien aparece en las imágenes junto a la menor en su cama.

A child sexual abuser is arrested in Chile thanks to Tik Tok video

The Chilean Police confirmed this Thursday the arrest of a 61-year-old man, accused of sexually abusing a girl under 14 years of age, in a case that was detected through a video of the social network Tik Tok.
The video shows the sister of the minor dancing in the center of the room in the foreground and in a turn of the camera, the man is seen lying on the bed on his side next to the victim and one of his arms hidden under the sheets and the pillow.

In addition, the moment in which the 61-year-old man gropes the minor in his own room is observed from the side.

The video appeared on social networks immediately after it is recorded. It is a family context, they were in the room, the victim's sister records the video and uploads it to social networks in mid-July, Francisco Ceballos from Investigative Police (PDI) told the press.

It is possible to indicate that there is chronicity in time. There is a sustained abuse that was normalized within the family, added Ceballos.

The detainee is the partner of the victim's maternal grandmother, who appears in the images with the minor in her bed.

The subject was detained on Wednesday night, when the video went viral and caused a wave of criticism on social networks and a protest in front of the defendant's home in downtown Santiago.

Faced with the viralization of the images, the defender of the childhood (child services) of Chile, Patricia Muñoz, requested through Twitter that the spreading of this type of videos is not favored to protect child and adolescent victims.

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