Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

El índice de electrificación general del país está rondando el 94%

93,000 families are currently without electricity in their homes

The National Secretary of Energy of Panama, Jorge Rivera Staff, announced this Tuesday that according to their data, currently more than 93 thousand families do not have electricity in their homes; which represents 6% of the households.
According to the data that are handled in the national statistics, we have around 93 thousand families that still do not have electricity in their homes. It is important to highlight that the general electrification index of the country is hovering around 94%, that is, 94% of the homes in Panama have electricity, it is a fairly high percentage if we compare it at a regional level, Rivera indicated.

However, he explained that when the disaggregation by territory is made, that percentage drops to around 80% in rural areas, while in indigenous regional areas that percentage drops much more.

“The indigenous region with the highest coverage is the Emberá-Wounaan, which is around 30% only, the Guna Yala region for its part has around 19 to 20% electrification, and the Ngäbe-Buglé region, which is the region with the highest The amount of the population only has a coverage percentage of 4%, so there we see a very clear manifestation of what the President has proposed to us as the Government's purpose in the fight against inequality and poverty," he explained.

Oh ya 10 days ago
And yet the government thinks it is Okey to spend 10 million on new cars for themselves


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