Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

Según el balance sobre los resultados del operativo de Seguridad Vial, se colocaron 1,849 boletas

86 traffic accidents were registered in the last 24 hours

A total of 86 accidents were registered in the last 24 hours nationwide, reported Deputy Commissioner Emiliano Otero of the National Directorate of Traffic Operations (DNOT).
According to the balance of the results of the Road Safety operation, 1,849 tickets were placed, of which 718 were for speeding, 276 for neglecting traffic signals, 70 for talking on a cell phone, 16 for proven drunkenness.

Panama, until mid-February, had 30 fatalities due to a traffic accident.

Oh ya 28 days ago
Well with booze and the general lack of knowledge about driving by the locals i would say the country got off lucky if there was only 86 accidents


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