Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

84,000 will receive the digital voucher through their ID in the first phase

84,000 will receive the digital voucher through their ID in the first phase

Door-to-door delivery of vouchers and bags of food in some sectors of the country will begin today with the launch of the first phase of the so-called 'digital voucher' of the Panama Solidarity program.

That is, that the delivery of the $ 80 voucher from today, gradually, will be done electronically allowing the use of the personal identity card as a debit card, in at least 13 supermarket chains and pharmacies, to buy food, medicine and cleaning supplies.

The first group

The announcement was made yesterday by the President of the Republic, Laurentino Nito Cortizo , who made it clear that in this first phase of the “digital voucher” program, only workers who have suspended their contracts and are registered with the Ministry of Labor will benefit; the pedlars of the database of the Mayor of Panama; the wallets of the National Charity Lottery and artists registered with the Ministry of Culture.

This group totals 84,000 people, according to Cortizo.

People who are part of this first group must enter the page, copy the number of their ID and the date it expires to verify that they have the voucher and be able to use it. The businesses enabled to read the bar of the ID are: El Super Xtra, El Rey, El Machetazo, Super 99, Riba Smith, El Fuerte, Super Carnes, Super Romero, Mr Precio, Justo y Bueno, Víveres Unidos, El Tajonaso and Metro pharmacies.

They can also be verified by calling line 140 or through the Relief Care and Response System (SARA) sara.innovacion.gob, pa. The amount to be disbursed by the State in this first phase of the digital voucher will be $ 6.7 million.

Verification and purchase

But how will it work? After confirming that you are part of the beneficiaries, you can go, at your departure time, to one of the 13 branches of the supermarket and pharmacy, mentioned above. Once the products have been purchased, you must deliver your ID, which will be verified by the subsidiary through a system that will scan the document's barcode and connect it to the Solidarity Bond platform, with which you will proceed to debit the expense.

This transaction must produce two proofs of payment. That of the beneficiary will show what was spent and the outstanding balance.

It should be noted that only the owner of the personal document can make use of the voucher's resources.

“The transfer of $ 80 digital vouchers protects transparency in the delivery of resources to citizens, avoiding discretion. This represents a monthly relief for the subsistence in these two months of the coronavirus and I cannot tell you how many more months, because we do not know ”, argued Cortizo.

The digital voucher platform was devised by the Government Innovation Authority, led by Luis Oliva. In a second phase, Cortizo said that the program would include grocery stores and mini-supermarkets.


The president also announced that on May 15 at circuit 3-1, in Colón, a digital voucher program will begin. Some 60,000 families would benefit.

"Circuit 3-2 decided to keep the bags of food, that is, the coasts and mountains of Colón," said Cortizo.

The voucher and food bags are financial aid for vulnerable families affected, after the coronavirus pandemic and which has killed 178 people.

Cortizo explained that until April 28, $ 44 million in bonds and food bags were delivered.


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