Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

8 Halloween Lights to Illuminate Your Home for the Holiday

8 Halloween Lights to Illuminate Your Home for the Holiday

This Halloween, illuminate your home with our do-it-yourself projects-luminaries, lanterns, and candles alike-that lend a warming fall glow all season long.

When darkness falls, that's when the magic truly sets in on October 31. At home, , and this is especially true for a holiday like Halloween. Arrange a tableau of lanterns set aglow, dripping candles, or specimen jars with ghoulish X-ray silhouettes.

Part of the fun of Halloween is catching someone off-guard with "gotcha!" pranks; give a good jump scare by lining a lampshade with bugs and bats. We have for all motifs-black cats, witches on broomsticks, moons and stars, as well as nightmarish faces.

Skulls and, tombstones bathed in an otherworldly glow, witches in stark silhouette against a cauldron's fire: These are the luminous icons of the season, the unnatural standard-bearers of this most frightful holiday. Set them in place, and watch them light up the night.

Outside,deserves a spotlight in the neighborhood. Mark the walkway leading up to your door with a trail of lanterns or plot the lawn with a set of tombstones, each epitaph legible from the luminous (battery-operated) glow from within.

Draw eyes upward to silhouettes in the windows-add a fan behind and its spirit is movement and mystery. Outfit your porch or entryway with oversized arachnids, crows in mid-flight, and ghostly sheets of cheesecloth-then position a light projector to cast everything in perfect prominence for

knocking on your door.

As for the light itself, any project will do. Switch it on, and enjoy the show.


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