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Del 7 al 12 de septiembre se dará el levantamiento en la construcción en su parte administrativa

7 September construction projects will begin operations partially

Executive Decree No. 1036 of September 4, 2020 that lifts the temporary suspension of the activity of the construction industry and dictates other measures in Panama, already appears in the Official Gazette.
This decree establishes that from September 7 to Saturday, September 12, 2020, construction projects will begin operations partially, organizing the administrative part and / or the operational part in each project to guarantee a healthy return.

It also indicates that from Monday, September 14, construction projects may be gradually reactivated until they are fully completed.

The rule states that employers will authorize the mobility of their workers through notes, which must contain the name, identification number or passport of the employee, accompanied by his work permit, if applicable, residential address and place. of work. These authorizations must be on letterhead and signed by the responsible person. Therefore, safe conduct will not be issued for this economic activity. Workers will carry these authorizations in case of mobility restriction measures.

The operation of the projects is ordered from Monday to Saturday, with the exception of those regions that maintain established special curfews.

The construction companies are asked to comply with the guidelines for the return to normality established by Resolution No. 405 of May 11, 2020 and the Health Guidelines for post-COVID-19 operations, issued by the Ministry of Health; as well as the resolutions issued by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development.

Employers must provide their workers with biosafety implements, such as alcoholic gel, masks, gloves, among other essentials, according to the protocols and standards issued on this matter by the health authority.

Companies may gradually reintegrate their workers up to a maximum of five hundred workers per construction project. The refund will be made according to the needs of the project's reactivation. In case of requiring an increase of more than five hundred workers per project, it must have the authorization of the Ministry of Health.

Regarding the working hours, the Decree determines that for activities that require the physical presence of the workers, it will be from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Likewise, for a period of one month, from the effective date of this Decree, the extension of the working day through overtime will not be allowed.

In point nine, the decree establishes that construction companies will carry out antigen or PCR tests on a minimum of 50% of the workers to be reinstated in each project, prior to the start of the reactivation of the work. Every 14 days it is recommended to carry out these tests randomly among workers. And companies will keep a record of workers who are tested, as well as their general data, the date it was performed and the results.

Finally, this decree indicates that the Ministry of Health, Labor and the Social Security Fund may request the companies, at any time, to register the tests and randomly carry out tests to workers who have not previously performed it.

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