Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

42 people have died in their homes from COVID-19

42 people have died in their homes from COVID-19

Some 42 people have died in their residencies because of COVID-19, confirmed the director of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Panama (Imelcf), José Pachar.
Until this Monday, the total number of deaths due to the virus was 932, of that total, 5% (42 deaths) are considered to be missing by legal physicians. These are people who die at home and there is no doctor who certifies the cause for their sudden deaths, he explained.

According to Pachar, the statistics indicate that 80% of these cases were men over the age of 50, and almost 40% of them were from San Miguelito.

He explained that these were patients who were in isolation, either at home or in hotels, due to the limited space in the hospitals. Furthermore, they had comorbidities.

You have to remember the socioeconomic conditions. There are patients who cannot follow up on their treatments, to this we add the difficulty of dyspnea and everything happens so fast that when a doctor arrives it is already late, said Pachar.

He explained that death is sudden when there is a previous condition, and it is sudden when there is no pre-existing condition and the virus attacks very quickly.

To date, Panama adds 932 deaths from COVID-19 and accumulates more than 47,00 infections. In the last 24 hours more than 1,500 cases were reported. Given the numbers of patients with coronavirus, the health system is at its maximum capacity.

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