Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

400,000 people enrolled in courses to receive Digital Voucher

400,000 people enrolled in courses to receive Digital Voucher

The trainings, of 10 hours each, in Inadeh for beneficiaries of Vale Digital will begin in August.
Virgilio Sousa, director of the National Institute of Professional Training and Training for Human Development ( Inadeh ), reported that 400 thousand beneficiaries of the Digital Voucher have enrolled in the courses that this entity offers as a requirement to continue receiving this benefit.

Sousa recalled that when the registration platform was enabled, some 200 thousand Vale Digital beneficiaries signed up, however, the capacity was expanded.

He explained that the new procedure establishes a co-responsibility that entails two types of actions, community social service and courses at Inadeh, the ITSE and another institution endorsed by the Inter-ministerial Commission, the Panama Solidarity Plan.

"The system has been prepared that people can not only opt for courses, the system has also been given the possibility that they can opt for community social service ... that is month by month and they must register every month for Both options have been given so much and a review of registered people will be carried out to determine which option will be that the person who has opted for the course can take,” said the director of Inadeh.

He said that the possibility that the courses can be taken without the use of data or the internet is being studied.

The Vice Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Roger Tejada reported that the Interministerial Commission of Panama Solidario and Inadeh are studying the possibility of incorporating new courses so that Vale Digital beneficiaries can apply.

The 10-hour trainings each at Inadeh will begin in August.

Oh ya 445 days ago
Good idea. Teach them something useful or make them do something useful in the community. Even if it is just picking the garbage out of the streets and ditches.


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