Monday, Jun 21, 2021

4 proposals presented for the design of the Metro Line 3 tunnel

4 proposals presented for the design of the Metro Line 3 tunnel

Line 3 includes an underground section with a length of 5.3 km and a depth of no more than 64 m. Four consortiums submitted their proposals.

Four consortiums have submitted proposals in the act of bidding for the design of the tunnel of Line 3 of the Metro of Panama.

The act of receiving technical and economic proposals for the best value bid, for a reference price of $13 million, was carried out virtually. The bids were submitted by the following consortia:

1. Las América Tunnel Consortium (Técnica y Proyectos, SA-Typsa and Louis Berger LAC. S. de RL)
2. Aecom-Sener Tunnel Line 3 Consortium, (URS Holdings, Inc. and Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas, SA)
3. Consorcio Applus Norcontrol Panamá, SA / Applus Norcontrol SL Sociedad Unipersonal / Geocontrol, SA
4. Ayesa-ILF Consortium (Ayesa Ingeniería y Arquitectura, SA, Ayesa Panamá, SA and ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GMBH).

These companies will have three business days, starting on June 1, to correct details found in the proposal presented.

Once the legal correction term expires, the offers will be analyzed by the Evaluation Commission, which has 10 business days to deliver its report.

The information on the opening of proposals will be published in Panama Compra.

The Panama Metro indicated that after these procedures, the tender will be held to select the company that is in charge of the construction of the tunnel.

According to the schedule made by the Panama Metro, it is calculated that after the delivery of the order to proceed on Line 3 (February 22, 2021), the construction phase of the tunnel should begin in 24 months.


Woodpecker 20 days ago
Lets be realistic. While Panama is still "checking proposals" (from which a lot were already made over a year ago)...other countries are already finished with their big-projects.

Here it has to be calculated and decided which proposal, flushes the most money into the pockets of the ruling parties responsibles.

Idiots. HANG THEM ALL! Fuck a tunnel - they cannot build straight roads or keep them intact, but directly go for sub-canal-tunnel.
If that should ever be finished, i will still use one of the bridges that was working for me for decades.
Oh ya 20 days ago
You can bet all the tunnel companies were formed in the last few months. With something as important as this Panama better get it right. Lots can go wrong digging under the money making canal. Panama needs to inspect tunnels that these companies have built before. And there needs to be lots of oversite on the bidding process. There is already enough in the news about others caught taking bribe money


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