Friday, Jun 25, 2021

397 teachers and admin staff in Herrera and Los Santos have been vaccinated

397 teachers and admin staff in Herrera and Los Santos have been vaccinated

It involves 224 educators and officials from 53 schools in Los Santos and 173 from 58 schools in Herrera.
A total of 397 teachers and administrators from 111 schools in the provinces of Herrera and Los Santos were vaccinated against COVID-19 during Phase 2 of immunization of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) of Panama.

According to the Ministry of Education (Meduca), in Los Santos 224 educators and officials from 53 schools were inoculated. These are the teachers who will start the process of blended classes.

Meanwhile, in the province of Herrera, 173 teachers and administrators from 58 schools were vaccinated, most of which work in multigrade low-enrollment schools, which are in rural areas.

The Minister of Education Maruja, Gorday de Villalobos, reiterated that the process of returning to the classroom in a blended way and graduating 100 schools, will begin on May 31.

The authorities plan to vaccinate against COVID-19 the staff of the Sergio Pérez Delgado school, with an enrollment of 1,011 students between preschool and primary, according to Carlos Zarzavilla, Herrera Regional Director of Education.

For the teacher Saturnina Cano, who works at the Los Guayabos school, in the Macaracas district, stated that “the vaccination process against COVID-19 was a success and urged that they continue with this work because it is necessary to be prepared to face the challenges and return to the classrooms and continue with the work of educating students”.

The vaccination day was held on April 28 and 29 at the Sergio Pérez Delgado school, in Monagrillo, Herrera province. While in Los Santos it was developed at the Minsa-Capsi Gerardino De León.

To date, Panama has applied more than 633 thousand doses of vaccine against COVID-19, of which 623,941 have been from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and 9,287 from AstraZeneca.

According to the Minsa Vaccination Plan, the teachers were responsible for the second stage of Phase 2, however, this immunization was advanced in order to begin the gradual return to the classrooms.

Oh ya 53 days ago
And i always thought that teachers would be educated. They would be aware of the risk/reward of this jab. But hey i was wrong, i am guessing there will be a teacher shortage the next time a wild coronavirus comes around. And the common cold is a coronavirus


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