Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Todo viajero al momento de arribar al país debe presentar una prueba de PCR/antígeno con un mínimo de 48 horas previas a su ingreso a suelo panameño

383 people with COVID-19 have been detected at Tocumen airport

The Ministry of Health of Panama reported that to date 13,826 COVID-19 tests have been carried out, detecting 383 positive passengers at the Tocumen International Airport, after the reactivation of international flights.
The entity indicated that the passengers have been placed in hospital hotels for their treatment, according to the protocols established by the Minsa.

He reiterated that every traveler at the time of arriving in the country must present a PCR / antigen test at least 48 hours prior to entering Panamanian soil and those who do not present it must take the test in the laboratories established at the Tocumen airport and cover the cost of said exam $50.00.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, gave instructions to strengthen traceability actions in order to reduce the number of infections, especially in the townships that register the highest number of cases.

According to the latest Epidemiological Report, the townships with more than 10 confirmed cases are: Vista Alegre (83 cases), Pacora (47 cases), Burunga (40 cases), Penonomé (31 cases), Tocumen (31 cases), Guadalupe (31 cases), San Francisco in Panama (30 cases), Chilibre (30 cases), Juan Díaz in Panama (29 cases) and Alcalde Díaz (29 cases).

Also on this list with more than ten cases: Puerto Caimito (29 cases), Ernesto Córdoba Campos (24 cases), Amelia Dennis De Icaza (24 cases), Juan Demostenes Arosemena (23 cases), Parque Lefevre (22 cases), Betania (22 cases), Las Cumbres (22 cases), Belisario Porras (21 cases), Santiago (21 cases) and Arraiján (20 cases).

Through the traceability system in these townships, it is a matter of locating all positive cases and their contacts in order to prevent them from leaving their homes.

They insist to the population that they must respect the norms between them; Parties, parking lots, dances, discos, bullfights, cock fights and any other festive activity that includes crowding of people cannot be held.

Likewise, it is recommended to avoid meetings outside the family bubble in which biosecurity measures are relaxed.

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