Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

La entidad informó que también está en proceso de desarrollo del formulario para que los extranjeros residentes en el país puedan completar sus datos

370,000 people have filled out a form to get vaccinated against covid-19

To date, more than 370,000 Panamanians have completed the registration form to be vaccinated against covid-19 according to the four phases contemplated, reported the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG).

The AIG indicated that the recently enabled vaccine meter, with real-time information on the vaccination process in the country, will play a fundamental role together with the vaccination applicant registration platform, when the immunization process advances to other sectors of the population.

An option will also be implemented in the ROSA virtual assistant, to complete the applicant registration form.

In addition, the entity reported that it is in the process of developing the form of vaccines against covid-19 so that foreigners residing in the country can complete their data.

Those who have permission from the National Migration Service (SNM) may register through their card, and people who have a passport will only have to attach a photo of it to validate their information.

Each citizen will receive a digital card to know the vaccination history, the batch to which the vaccine belongs, the facility where it was vaccinated and the date of the second dose.


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