Thursday, Sep 23, 2021

2nd and 3rd grade students have trouble reading

2nd and 3rd grade students have trouble reading

After they returned to the classrooms blended, the teachers detected these difficulties in the students after a year of virtual classes.
The Ministry of Education of Panama (Meduca) indicated through preliminary reports that studentsSecond and third graders are facing reading problems after a year of virtual classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of these difficulties presented by students have been noted in the San Miguelito region where teachers, when meeting in a blended manner with their students, have perceived the deficiencies.

"Right now we are also developing a proposal to evaluate the program 'Let's all learn to read' in a preliminary way, I can tell you that it has attracted a lot of attention and we are a little restless, it is because in the San Miguelito region, we have already done a Observation directly in the classroom is very evident that our second and third grade students require a lot of reinforcement, strengthening strategies so that they can read in a timely manner," explained Gina Garcés, National Director of Education.

Garcés announced that they are already working on tutorials with these students to reinforce reading.

Sid 60 days ago
Well i have noticed that with everyone i have interaction with using google translate. It is best to use the speaker button so it reads it to them. So it's not just kids in grade school.


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