Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

Dosis de vacunas contra COVID-19 de Pfizer y BioNTech

280,000 people have filled out registration form to apply for COVID-19 vaccine

Parts of Panama waits for coming days for the arrival of the first vaccines against COVID-19 to begin its application in priority groups, and then with mass vaccination to the rest of the population.

The first people to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus in the country are doctors from the Social Security Fund; nurses from the Intensive Care Unit; and ICU toilet workers.

The National Government presented a four-phase application plan, subdivided into stages, where the first vaccinated will be health and support personnel on the front line of battle against COVID-19, adults over 60 years bedridden or in nursing homes; essential groups in the front line, cleaning workers and the population over 16 years of age with disabilities.

Panama has a population eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 of 3,088,134 people, and according to the Government, the number of doses purchased reaches 116% of this population, including foreigners. To date, agreements have been confirmed with the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer / BioNTech, AstraZeneca and COVAX mechanism, for the acquisition of the anticovid vaccine. And the use of the Johnson & Johnson formula is also expected.

Some 2,400 nurses will work on the implementation plan, including 250 nursing students.

In addition, a digital form was enabled at, to collect the data of those who wish to apply the anticovid vaccine. To date, more than 280,000 people have registered.

With the implementation of this massive vaccination plan, Panama will implement a vaccinometer, which will allow knowing the vaccination figures in real time; as well as the use of digital vaccination cards, with name, individual record of dose and place of vaccination.

Likewise, a vaccination verification system will be used, similar to that used by the Electoral Tribunal in elections, so that people know the specific vaccination center out of the covid-19-vaccination-centers-will-be-enabled-in-panama" target="_blank">1,101 that will be enabled nationwide.


Lynne 36 days ago
Will you also keep track of all the "side effects" created due to the shot. Videos of people loosing their nervous system and shaking uncontrollably is just one but these videos have been deleted. I wonder why. Any one not doing their own research and realizing what this is really about, deserve what they get. Sorry, ignorance is no excuse.
Oh ya 36 days ago
Proof positive that the education system is lacking when you can find that many people willing to be injected with a vaccine that has never been used on humans before Darwin award to all


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