Friday, Aug 12, 2022

La Región Metropolitana de Salud junto al Equipo de Respuesta Rápida (ERR) realizó en playa Veracruz toma de hisopados voluntarios a visitantes

20 positive cases of COVID-19 detected in Veracruz beach

20 out of 103 rapid tests applied in an operation in Veracruz beach were positive for COVID-19 among visitors, the Metropolitan Health Region reported.
The epidemiological report reported that the taking of swabs was voluntary for visitors on Fridays and Saturdays in Veracruz beach.

The positive patients detected were quarantined for follow-up, detection and control, in addition to their direct contacts in traceability.

The Ministry of Health also detailed that on Friday at the Transport Terminal and in the Albrook Mall, the response team (ERR) applied 111 samples to travelers and visitors, all of which were negative.

The entity reiterates to the population not to lower their guard, that even if the cases decrease, biosafety measures must continue to be applied.

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