Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021

Panamá retomó este miércoles su proceso de vacunación contra covid-19, aplicando la segunda dosis a los primeros vacunados

14 health regions received second shipment of doses of vaccine against covid-19

This Wednesday, February 17, 14 of the 15 health regions of Panama received the second shipment of the vaccine against covid-19, after the arrival in the country of a second batch of the preparation from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
The Ministry of Health (Minsa) detailed that the province of Veraguas received 4,476 doses of the vaccine, while a total of 1,782 doses arrived in the province of Bocas del Toro.

The Metropolitan Health Region received 7,098 doses of vaccines in order to continue with the vaccination phase 1A, that is, all the personnel who remain in the front line such as the Rapid Response Teams (ERR), in addition to the 19 health centers of the MINSA and the 5 polyclinics of the CSS.

4,266 doses were sent to the province of Panama Oeste and 1,950 to the San Miguelito region.

While 3,810 doses were assigned to the province of Coclé, Herrera 3,192, Chiriquí 7,170, the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé 930, and Los Santos 2,874 doses.

While 456 doses were distributed in North Panama, 396 in Darien and 1,230 in East Panama.

It is expected that this Thursday at 6:00 am the Guna Yala Region will receive 222 doses of vaccine, in addition, an estimated number of doses will be delivered to Hospital Hotels, National Hospitals and private Hospitals in the province of Panama, said the Minsa.

Panama resumed its vaccination process against covid-19 this Wednesday, applying the second dose to the first vaccinated. The strategy is aimed at completing phase 1A, which includes bedridden elderly people, in nursing homes, and starting phase 1B, which corresponds to the rest of the health workers who have not been vaccinated.

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