Sunday, Jun 13, 2021

132 detained in a party in Casco Antiguo

Dr. Israel Cedeño assured that a bar in the Casco Antiguo failed to comply with the capacity measures and other sanitary regulations.
The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) reported on the sanction that was imposed on a bar in the Old Town for failing to comply with the capacity measures and other sanitary regulations.

"Bar RL in Casco Antiguo, San Felipe, breach of capacity and other sanitary regulations. The sanitary indiscipline of some merchants and part of the population continues. Hopefully the merchants who act correctly, which are the majority, will get these few to correct themselves because as in this case, they are repeat offenders. They will be severely punished," explained Dr. Israel Cedeño, head of the Metropolitan Health Region.

Dr. Cedeño also reported a third sanction that was placed on a local in Obarrio, for violating sanitary regulations (Tobacco Law, regarding the use of hookahs in commercial places, restaurants and the like). "They have already been called to their attention before but they insist on violating the health law. They will be severely punished," said the regional director.

Dr. Ana Lorena Chang, from this region, added that some 300 people were inside the premises and added that there were minors drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking cigarettes.

The commissioner of the National Police, Cynthia Meneses, reported that at the party, organized by this local, there were 67 minors and 15 adults (nationals and foreigners) detained for not having documentation, who were taken before the respective local authorities.

The parents of the minors will be summoned. In addition, it was explained that the operation was carried out in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Panama, the Juvenile Police and the National Migration Service.

An act was drawn up for the local with the respective sanctions and it was closed, in view of the fact that these types of meetings are not allowed, in addition to other norms that they violated.

In addition, the National Police in its daily report indicated that a total of 132 people, among them, 106 are men, 21 women and six minors, were detained by means of the Queda Touch operation, carried out on Friday, May 28, at Nacional level.

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