Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Este centro, que luego será integrado con el C-5 de Panamá y el C-2 de la provincia de Colón

120 video surveillance cameras will be installed La Chorrera

A total of 120 video surveillance cameras will be installed in the district of La Chorrera, between April and June 2021.
We joined this project and have a schedule already established so that from April to June we have surveillance throughout the area, said the mayor of the district, Tomás Velásquez.

For the monitoring of the cameras, the Operations Center in West Panama is under construction, which will later be integrated with the C-5 of Panama and the C-2 of the province of Colón.

This project costs approx. $7.5 million.

The security minister, Juan Pino, made a tour of the center's facilities, and indicated that these municipal operating chambers will be a primary tool to combat groups that are dedicated to committing crimes.

He added that more than 40 firearms have been taken off the streets, so far in February nationwide. In addition, he pointed out that 80% of criminal acts have to do with drug problems between gangs.

According to the statistical report of the Public Ministry, 14% of the homicides that occurred in 2020 correspond to West Panama.

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