Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Sede del Tribunal Electoral de Panamá

1,455,387 Panamanians are registered in political parties

The Electoral Tribunal of Panama (TE) reports that according to the figures of the National Electoral Organization Directorate currently a total of 1,455, 387 Panamanians are registered in the different political parties of the country.
It details that the data reflects that in the last week the political groups legally constituted and recognized by the Electoral Court recorded the following numbers of adherents:

- Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD): 603,643.
- Democratic Change Party: 299,885.
- Panameñista Party: 280,485.
- Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (Molirena): 93,629.
- Alliance Party: 27,613.
- Popular Party: 22,101.

On the other hand, the Electoral Court indicates that the political parties in formation register:

- Achieving Goals (RM): 60,854 (met quota and closed registration books).
- Alternative Independent Social Party (PAIS): 39,482 (met the quota and closed its registration books).
- Another Way Movement: 14,220.
- Independent National Union (UNI): 12,867.
- Broad Front for Democracy (FAD): 608.

"For the parties in formation that have met the quota (minimum 39,296 signatures) to be recognized as legally constituted, they must carry out a constitutive convention and elect a board of directors," the Electoral Tribunal points out.

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