Saturday, May 08, 2021

Melo dijo que del total detenidos, 1,129 fueron hombres, 109 mujeres y 70 menores de edad

1,308 people were arrested 23-27 December for violating curfew

Dalys Melo, deputy commissioner of the National Police (PN) of Panama, reported that from December 23 to 27, 1,308 people were arrested for failing to comply with the curfew established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa), to stop the contagion of covid-19 .
Melo said that of the total detainees, 1,129 were men, 109 women and 70 minors.

He indicated that one of the most specific cases of non-compliance with the total quatentena was registered in the town of Curundú, where there was a clandestine party in a multifamily.

In this case, 2 police units and 4 other people were injured after a shooting.

The PN also reported that during operations against drug trafficking and micro-trafficking in the same period, 158 drug packages were seized, 23 weapons were seized, and 241 ammunition.

86 people were also penalized for driving while intoxicated and 4 for alcoholic breath.

In addition, units of the Traffic Directorate placed 4,111 violations, of these 1,435 for exceeding speed limits and 83 for talking on a cell phone.

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